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Range Rules For All Ranges  (Word Doc)

1. SAFETY FIRST – the safe handling of firearms will be performed at all times.  Use Common sense.  Be considerate of other shooters.  Eye and Hearing protection is REQUIRED.

2. No Guests without Guest Pass.  Every guest needs their own guest pass.  Guest passes are available at the PPSA Range.  Guest must be accompanied by a Sponsor at all times and abide by all the Range Rules.  Guest passes are $10.00 for each person per visit.

3. Rim Fire Only - means .17 or .22 caliber, non-center fire, lower velocity cartridges.  Cartridges that damage the reactive targets are prohibited in the rim fire only range.

4. Your family membership allows you, your spouse and children less than 18 years old in your supervision to use association facilities, including the shooting range.  Any child on the shooting range must be under the control and supervision of a member.  Children more than 18 years old must possess their own membership.  Members must have their membership card with them at the range and show their card upon request.  Your member code may not be loaned to anyone.  Member card only is not proof of membership.

5. The immoveable tables constitute the “Firing Line”. Shooting is allowed while on the firing line.  A firearm is defined as being unloaded when there are no cartridges in its chamber and magazine.  Firearms must be unloaded and firearms must not be fired while you are forward of, behind, or away from these firing lines.

6. You may shoot at PAPER targets on the provided backstops and gongs or reactive targets provided by the association.

7. Do not shoot at rocks, trees, shrubs, bottles, cans, clay birds.  No exploding targets.  No hunting.  No Camping.

8. SHOTGUNS or SLUG Guns of any kind are NOT allowed on the range at any time. 

9. The shooting of armor piercing, steel tipped, tracer, or flare type ammunition is prohibited.  Shooting the 50 BMG is prohibited.  Firing an automatic weapon is prohibited.

10. Anyone desiring to attach, change or remove targets must notify all other shooters and get their agreement to a “cease fire” before walking forward of the firing line.  All firearms must be unloaded and their actions will remain open with no handling of firearm while any person is forward of the firing line.  There will be no handling of firearms and all others must remain behind the red line while others are down range changing targets.  ORANGE SAFETY FLAGS MUST BE HUNG IN SUPPORT POSTS AND DISPLAYED.  Do not walk behind target frames or the dirt backstop.  Stow safety flags after each and every person returns to the firing line.  Finally, shooting may resume.

11. Attach paper targets to the fiber board.  Attach target well clear of support frames and support posts to prevent your bullets from hitting and damaging these supports.  Don’t shoot directly at supports.

12. The bullets you shoot from a firearm must IMPACT and BECOME BURIED in the dirt backstop behind these target support frames and support posts.

13. Shooting hours are from Daylight to Dark.  Members will close and lock the gate when entering and leaving the range.

14. Carry in, Carry out.  Remove your targets.  Pick up your brass and nearby trash.  Dispose of trash at home.  No littering.  No dumping of anything.

15. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on the range property.  Anyone drunk or high will be reported to law enforcement.

16. Park in designated parking areas.  No open fires.  Use caution with cigarettes.  Activities by an outside group, club, etc, are prohibited.

17. Exceptions to any of these rules must be authorized by the Board of Directors of this association.

18. Lost member card and gate code replacement fee is $10.00.

19. Any violation of these rules could result in suspension and/or termination of your membership.


Additional RULES for the 200/300/400/500 Yard Range:

• Check and recheck to make certain that the entire down range area of the range is clear of people and that it is safe to shoot.

• Do bore sighting and initial sighting in activities on the 25/50-yard range and then the 100-yard range before shooting the 200/300/400/500-yard range.

• Use the PPSA Cadi to expedite your trip to and from the target frames and gongs.  Do not linger.

• Point the muzzle and the bore of your firearm well below the top of the dirt backstop.

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